These are some of the films I've made. I have a couple of Canon 5D cameras - a mark II and a mark III and also love playing with timelapses both using GoPro cameras and iPhones.



This was the most wonderful week... 

Music by India Brown and Stewart Friendship


Spirit in Action - I made this film for an American charity with pictures they provided - I focused on the editing




I was going to Iceland for the first time last September, was curious to see what the famous circular road was like and tried to find videos with little luck (except for this). That's when I decided to do my own video. I was going to travel on the Route 1 clockwise, from a Sunday to the following Sunday. I had two cameras outside the car, a GoPro Hero 2 in the front and a GoPro Hero that I moved around, mainly facing the sides. I also had a Canon 550D as my main camera for photography and used it to create a few clips outside the car. Most of the stuff on this film are photographs rather than actual video. The GoPro cameras were taking a picture every 5 seconds and I processed them initially at 17fps. Music is by Abunai! - Drowning in Light 


Findhorn - Experience week



A journey - with help from the magic of Findhorn


"Chasing Time" by Dexter Britain  

"Don't Stop" by Sarah Bettens 

(c) Carmen Hernandez 2015